A little bit about me…and why I’m taking this journey.

I am a mother of two amazing girls, and have spent most of my career working in business and tech, specifically in product management and consulting.  The birth of my first daughter changed how I viewed my work-life balance and sparked the start of my journey into mindfulness.  When she was six months old, I realized that disciplining a child may be one of the hardest parts of parenting. I started learning about the ideas around positive discipline, and thus far have successfully integrated these techniques in our home.  I’ve since learned that the positive discipline practices are a form of mindful parenting and thus started my journey into mindfulness.

I continued being drawn to books on child development, education and empathic parenting.  In one book, “Beyond Measure,” I learned about an incredible program,  Mindful Schools, based out of Oakland, CA.  The program primarily targets teachers and school administrators- to bring mindfulness to schools, but I decided on a whim to enroll in my first course.  I did not have explicit plans to teach kids, but I figured taking the first course through Mindful Schools couldn’t hurt, and if anything could help me become a better parent.   I fell in love with the program and finished the training to teach mindfulness in classrooms and group settings.  I have now begun teaching mindfulness and yoga to children at local schools and community organizations.

Since starting this mindfulness journey, I’ve had epiphanies about my own childhood experiences- both positive and negative. Some of these experiences especially the negative ones with my peers truly shook me to the core, and influenced some major life decisions I made.  For a long time, I lived my life with insecurities and fears and internalized aspects of myself that I had not fully accepted.

I am now certain that one of the best ways I can give back to my daughters is by helping them and other littles in our community become more mindful.  I want my children to have the tools to self-regulate their emotions and to think before they act.  I want them to feel grounded and have “an internal home-base” they can rely on, as they face both the positive and negative realities of life.  I want my children to thrive in a community where kids are more conscious and aware of themselves and others; where they are compassionate and empathetic, and where they can safely, freely and confidently express their authentic selves.  I know that mindfulness will not solve all of this by itself.  However I do believe that it is a fundamental aspect of our being and something that can help us lead a more full, present and hopefully peaceful life.

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