40 Reflections from a Yoga Retreat

My husband and I joined 26 beautiful souls on Just Be Yoga’s Manifest Maui retreat. The life-changing experience was nothing short of extraordinary.   We took the trip in celebration of my upcoming 40th birthday.  So while the trip is very fresh on my mind, I wanted to journal and share 40 reflections from the retreat- ones that I hope to continue to soak in for quite some time…if not forever.

  1. The greatest yogis may be the newest ones on their mats. Heck…you may be even married to one. 🙂
  2. Kids laugh 300 times a day; adults only 30. Another great reminder why our littles continue to be our greatest teachers.
  3. Sometimes the ocean may eat your phone…literally. That reality may suck for a bit, but then you know it will be okay…and may even be a good thing.
  4. Our mothers are always with us…even when they are not.
  5. We are co-creating always. The universe has your back if you are in alignment with your purpose and in the right time.
  6. Believe that you can. Believe that you will. Shift from “if it happens” to “when it happens” with no attachment.
  7. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go. Allow instead of control. Intend instead of expect.
  8. Create space to do nothing.
  9. Create space to feel.
  10. Create space to be with Mother Earth.
  11. Unexpected friendships can arise even when you are lounging by yourself with a good book.
  12. There are no coincidences.
  13. Feel supported by your visible posse AND your invisible posse.
  14. Your invisible posse IS real and will support you in ways that you hadn’t imagined.
  15. Lead with your heart, and root with your core…root into Mother Earth. Root to Rise.
  16. Create new families.
  17. Balance is necessary- masculine with feminine; strength with ease; darkness with light.
  18. Dowsing rods are a real thing..and pretty cool. 🙂
  19. Believe in your own superpower.
  20. Mother Earth will show you what it wants to show you.
  21. Music has the power to raise our vibrations and heal the world.
  22. Sometimes the person you may need to forgive the most is yourself. Ho’oponopono.
  23. Trust your intuition. Trust.
  24. Jump in the ocean with your clothes on. Why the heck not?!
  25. Sat Nam. Truth in your name…even in how you pronounce it.
  26. We don’t need to understand everything for us to believe.
  27. Nourish yourself to nourish the world…especially with yummy chia pudding.
  28. BE light to spread light.
  29. Play, play, play.
  30. Look for the signs. They surround us.
  31. Pause and take in a breath of fresh air like it’s your last breath. You may actually remember it.
  32. Spend time alone.
  33. You CAN learn the ukulele and sing your heart out on the beach in an hour with new friends. Yes- you can.
  34. Feel grateful for all kinds of friends- the new ones that open your eyes to new ways of being and the ones you have known for lifetimes.
  35. Take time to process. Take time.
  36. With each new moon set new intentions. We can always start over.
  37. The world is FILLED with incredible humans who are inspiring and awakening hearts.
  38. To change the world, we cannot go at it alone. We MUST band together to raise collective consciousness.
  39. We are ONE.
  40. Manifest your dreams. Make the impossible possible.

Thank you Just Be Yoga! We are eternally grateful!