A Family Kindness Jar for Random Acts of Kindness

This week’s kindness activity is actually something we put together a few weeks ago, and something that several experts and resources recommend.  I wanted to test it out first before I posted it as an idea for a #WeeklyKindnessProject.  My girls and I put together a Kindness Jar for our home.  The idea is that anytime anyone in our family “catches” someone doing random acts of kindness, we put a gem stone into our family kindness jar.  Once we fill up our jar, we will go out for a family dinner to celebrate together.

Creating the Kindness Jar

For the jar, we used a small mason jar, but you can use any container.  My daughter made the label and we decorated it with a ribbon.  We also got these gem stones on Amazon for our kindness acts, but any unit or even note cards would work.  The added benefit of this particular set of stones we ordered is that it comes with a small mineral book to match each gemstone to its name, so it is educational as well.  Now if we catch one another doing some random acts of kindness, we put a gem stone into the jar.

Lessons Learned 

When we first started out, I found that I was the one pointing out when my girls were being kind.  After a few days though, my older daughter started noticing when the rest of us were doing kind acts. For instance, one evening we ran out of coconut water (which we all love), and I had just poured myself the last glass.  Soon after, my daughter wanted a glass, and I just gave her my glass, and she immediately said…”Mommy you should put a stone in the kindness jar.  That was really kind that you gave me your juice.”

I was a little worried at first that the jar would feel too forced, but that’s not the case at all.  We don’t remember to use it everyday, but we do reference the jar or put a gemstone in several times a week.  It’s a fantastic way to cultivate awareness and appreciate kind deeds- ones that you do yourself and that others in your family do.  It also inspires each of us to think more deliberately about and be mindful of our actions.  We love our Kindness Jar, and can’t wait to go out for a family dinner soon! 🙂



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