A Memorable “Mindless” Mama Moment

One of the common misconceptions with mindfulness is that someone who practices mindfulness is or should be mindful all the time.  I’ll be the first to tell you that that is not the case and that being “mindless” is part of our human experience. With our endless to-do lists and toggling between parenting, work and house stuff, being mindful all the time or even part of the time is not always easy to do and can sometimes feel impossible.  But mindfulness is a practice- and not an end state.  It’s a work in progress for all of us.  We all have moments of mindlessness from misplacing our cell phone for the billionth time to frantically searching for our eyeglasses while they are on top of our head.  I’ve had a ton of mindless moments and some that make me laugh more than others.  Recently I had an experience that really topped the charts of Mindless Mama Moments. img_6558

My two-year old is at an age where she now wants to pick out her own outfits.  Last week she decided to pick her outfit for preschool- a polka-dot shirt with different colored polka-dot pants.  She then chose striped socks which she wanted to wear with her sandals.  To top it off, it was Wacky Hair Day at her older sister’s school and my preschooler wanted to copy her big sis’ hairdo so she put on a rainbow unicorn horn and little ears.

I was completely fine with my toddler’s impeccable choice in fashion, until we arrived at preschool and I realized that I had forgotten it was Picture Day at school, and her first Picture Day nonetheless.  I was pretty impressed with my mindlessness.  Clearly I had forgotten to write down this important date in my calendar. Now we will have a frameable proof point to show for it.

Maybe next year if I keep practicing mindfulness, I’ll remember to jot down Picture Day in my calendar…and if not…well then we will just have to see what pictures we get as reminders of more Mindless Mama Moments.  🙂