My children are my greatest teachers and my greatest source of inspiration.  They are the reason I first journeyed into mindfulness and the reason I feel inspired to cultivate mindfulness for my family.  I learn from my children on a daily basis how we as parents can be more mindful.  As I continue on this journey, I want to reflect on and share what I learn.   This is what Mindful Littles is about. It is a forum to learn about mindfulness practices for both littles and bigs based on everyday applications and experiences.

There are two key tenets in this shared journal:

1. Helping my children be more mindful is not just another to-do, but naturally integrated into our daily activities as a family.  

family-photos-2016-117During this journey, I have learned that there are simple ways to easily integrate mindfulness practices so it doesn’t overwhelm our busy lives or feel like a forced chore.  Children have such a natural curiosity and awe of the world that there are organic opportunities to practice mindfulness as my kids play or we do things together.  I’ll post our experiments with mindfulness activities- those that we create ourselves at home and others experts recommend.  I’ll also include ways we are cultivating compassion at home and in the community.

2. In order to raise mindful littles and educate littles in our community, I need to practice being a mindful big. fotolia_108435614_s

I’m focusing on my own practice as a mindful big- as a parent, as a wife, as a mindfulness and yoga teacher, and in all aspects of my life.  I’ll post reflections from my own internal journey, external experiences and from insights I gain from key experts and resources.

I am very energized to help my family and my community become more mindful.  I feel inspired to share my mindful experiences so that hopefully others will be inspired to create their own.

-Tanuka Roy Gordon

A little bit about me…and why I’m taking this journey