Compassion Training Programs

We provide workshops and digital resources to sustain habits of compassion in daily life- for school, work, home and beyond.  Bring a high-impact experiential workshop to your organization to dive deeper into compassion practices and elevate community connectedness.

CompassionDAILY: Practical Habits for the Everyday

In our busy, hectic lives, practicing compassion for ourselves and for others seems like an impossibility.  

Whether you are an educator, a parent/caregiver or a community leader, learn simple micro-habits of compassion that can be contextually applied to your everyday.  Habits include pausing, listening, gratitude, joy and more.  

All workshops are customized to fit your organization’s unique needs and include movement, mindfulness, group dialogue and more. Sign up as a single workshop or a series. 

Amplify Connection: Fostering Cultures of Belonging

From teaching middle schoolers about positive school climates to helping integrate diverse groups of families through community art projects, we create uplifting experiences to strengthen inclusion & belonging for participants of all ages. 

Our workshops are custom-designed to fit your organization’s unique needs and include movement, connection energizers, group dialogue and more.  Sign up as a single workshop or a series.

Free Family Resources: Compassion Inside & Out 

Get inspired with our free digital resources for the whole family.  From parenting perspectives on mindfulness to kindness activities for young and old alike, our Mindful Littles blog provides tools and inspiration to practice compassion as a way of life. 

“The impact Mindful Littles has made stretches far and wide, and we are grateful for the tools we learned to become stronger leaders and more successful as a business and brand.”

-Patrick Tucker, Starbucks District Manager