Five Books About…Racism and Systemic Injustice

Kids see the signs everywhere — in neighborhoods and social media, in life, in chalk, on cardboard: Black Lives Matter, Hate is Taught, All Mothers Were Summoned When He Called out for His Mama. It’s clearer than ever that we all need to take action. We need to talk to kids about racism, especially when they’re young—according to a Healthy Children study, internalized racism can begin as early as age two.

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Mindful Teen Spotlight: EcoAction Makes Renewable Energy Reality

Growing up surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty not only inspired a love of nature in the Weeks sisters, but also a passion to protect it. As a high school student, Abbie Weeks founded Ecological Action, a school club committed to learning about and sharing sustainable environmental practices then taking action to make it happen around the globe. Now her sister Riley is EcoAction’s president.

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