Celebrating Four Years of Mindful Littles!


If Mahatma Gandhi were alive now, what would he say? How would he be leading us through the endless chaos, continued injustices, the strife that we all continue to face? 

Gandhi left us with powerful lessons that have inspired civil rights movements and peaceful revolutions around the world. In the darkest of times, he has served as a lighthouse shining a brilliant ray of hope for those struggling to cope. 

There is much in Gandhi’s teachings that we infuse into our work at Mindful Littles — that non-violence is actually fiercely courageous, that to wholly embark on a journey of peace we must start with ourselves, and that every small action we take has a ripple effect. 

As our nonprofit celebrates our 4-year anniversary on what would have been Gandhi’s 151st birthday, I’d like to share this quote from him:  

You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.

In a world that can feel overwhelming and paralyzing, when the enormity of the chaos seems unstoppable, it is the choices we make everyday, even the small ones, that continue to make the difference, even when it feel like they may not.

This has been the guiding force for Mindful Littles from the start: to not worry about the final destination, but to keep showing up everyday with pure heart, pure authenticity and pure intention for a better today, and thereby a better tomorrow. 

This is how step by step, bit by bit, we have built this incredible nonprofit — one that started as a grassroots project right in my backyard to one that is now touching tens of thousands of people across the country. 

It is with deepest gratitude for each and everyone of you that we celebrate this 4-year milestone today. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for believing in our work. Thank you to my amazing staff of Unicorns, to our board members, advisors, donors, community partners and volunteers, for passionately leading with compassion. Thank you to my beautiful family who make the impossible possible.  

And thank you Gandhiji for continuing to be a beacon of light for each of us everyday. Onward we continue.

With peace and gratitude,