Compassion Workshops

Our workshops can be customized to the unique ways you want to connect to your community. From Hanukkah workshops on the “Courage to be Who You Are” to unique school themes, we can dynamically adapt our workshop so that its relevant and connected to the common language and culture of your community. Our workshops are also the perfect fit for birthday parties, sports teams, scout or other youth groups. Our unique service learning and compassion programs are designed to make your children feel good, while doing good.

Kindness Book Clubs

Our Kindness Book Clubs are fun, engaging 75-minute workshops for young children. Students read a special book on a kindness theme, such as Gratitude, Peace or Courage, then practice heart-centered mindfulness and yoga and engage in an art project to reinforce the kindness theme. Workshops take place in school libraries or public spaces with families in community.

Mindful Makers

Our Mindful Makers program inspires students to learn about featured scientists and work on an innovative STEM project to help making the world a better place. Whether it’s make bird feeders or learning about pollination, our Makers projects provide tools for students to creatively work on hands-on projects and develop growth mindset skills.

Birthday Parties

Customize a meaningful service-learning experience to celebrate your child’s birthday. Our offerings combine playful yoga and creative compassion projects to benefit a nonprofit of your choice. Another wonderful way to acknowledge your special occasion is to request donations be made to Mindful Littles in lieu of gifts. You can do this in combination with a Mindful Littles party or however you choose to celebrate!