Compassionate Classrooms

Our Compassionate Classrooms program provides a safe space for students to connect together, learn compassion practices and engage in direct service opportunities for their school community. Using methods of purposeful play, mindfulness and experiential learning, we teach life-long habits of emotional well-being and cultivate a mindful service mindset.

Building the mindful service mindset in the youngest generations.

Mindful Service Learning: Classroom Curriculum

Mindful Service Learning: Classroom Curriculum

Our year-long classroom curriculum brings tangible service projects to the classroom environment paired with mindful self-compassion practices.

  • 16 virtual 20-min biweekly lessons taught by skilled Mindful Littles facilitators to teach positive mindset, perspective building and social awareness.
  • Each unit includes service challenges providing opportunities to put compassion into action for peers, the school and local community.
  • Mindful self-compassion habits reinforced through the classroom program.

Great complement to other existing mindfulness or social-emotional learning programs.

MYSELF™ Foundations (Mindfulness, Yoga, Social-Emotional Learning, Fun)

Don’t have a mindfulness or social-emotional learning program at your school already? Try our innovative MYSELF Foundations curriculum.

  • 6 virtual 20-min biweekly lessons taught by skilled Mindful Littles facilitators cover how to mindfully breathe, feel and express emotions to foster deep self-compassion.
  • Great for in-class school sessions or after-school students programs. Can be taught weekly as well.
  • Students will progress to the Mindful Service Learning curriculum upon completion of MYSELF Foundations.

Bring a regular dose of compassion to your classrooms.

  • Whether your class meets in-person or virtually, our unique model will provide your classrooms with a regular practice of compassion.
  • Lessons are grade-differentiated and educator-tested to help students put compassion into action in age-appropriate ways.
  • Currently serving TK-8th grade students.

Through Mindful Littles, our students are developing a set of tools (purposeful breathing, positive self-talk, expression of gratitude, performing kind acts) to proactively mitigate feelings they are experiencing due to the recent significant traumatic event as well as other daily stressors. Additionally, the strategies are equipping the students with the skills and mindset to make a positive impact on our school community.”

—Edward Gregorio,
Paradise Ridge Elementary School Principal


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