Compassionate Classrooms

With its collaborative, guided approach, our Compassionate Classrooms program empowers teachers to consistently integrate mindful self-compassion habits—playful, peaceful, bite-sized practices—for themselves and their students. With practice, the entire classroom soon embodies meaningful social-emotional benefits, such as increased resilience, strengthened connection to themselves and others, and belonging.

Integrating Micro-Habits of Compassion for Teachers & TK-8th Grade Students

Program Overview

  • What We TeachSimple compassion habits including mindfulness, emotional regulation, positive mindset and integrated service learning. Find out more about the benefits of Compassion Habits.
  • How We Teach It:  Our guided journey for teachers and their classrooms uniquely combines live 1-1 coaching, small group and in-classroom role modeling, and digital content empowering teachers to integrate key habits. 

We had the educator coaching today and it went so well. I have all the good feels because teachers were talking about how much the students look forward to Mindful Littles and how much they talk about it. One mom even reported to the teacher that her daughter is using the breathing at home when she gets frustrated with her brother!

— Hillary Reid, Ed.S.
  School Psychologist, Office of Fresno County Schools


of teachers found our program highly engaging


Benefits of Our Classroom Model

Teacher & Student Well-Being 

Simple compassion habits provide a 2-for-1 benefit for teacher and student well-being.

Personalized Learning Model for Classrooms

1-1 coaching, small group coaching and applied classroom role-modeling help personalize the learning process for teachers.

Empowering the Teacher

Using a Gradual Release Model, we gently and intentionally shift from co-facilitation to independent teaching.   

Support for School Counselors

We partner with school counselors and ancillary staff to identify students experiencing challenges, both on and off campus, and refer them to onsite counselors.

Through Mindful Littles, our students are developing a set of tools (purposeful breathing, positive self-talk, expression of gratitude, performing kind acts) to proactively mitigate feelings they are experiencing due to the recent significant traumatic event as well as other daily stressors. Additionally, the strategies are equipping the students with the skills and mindset to make a positive impact on our school community.”

— Edward Gregorio,
Paradise Ridge Elementary School Principal


Of students learned ways to calm their body down


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A perfect complement to Compassionate Classrooms, our Mindful Service Learning program cultivates community connectedness.