Embracing Shift: When Feelings Show Up In Our Bodies


Yesterday morning I felt it – a shift in the air, a brightness to the sun’s light hitting the earth. A sign the world is changing, if only from one season to the next.

Ready For Change

I’ve always loved the transition from winter to spring but this year my eagerness for it feels even more significant. Every new bloom I notice on my walk, each bird call I hear, even the the increase in traffic has my heart thrumming in my chest. Maybe it’s the real possibility that these months of “sameness” so many of us experienced during the pandemic are coming to some kind of end or my nervous excitement for what summer will bring that have me yearning even more for change. 

Feeling From Head to Toe

Are you or your kiddos feeling a shift too? Often our feelings show up in our bodies, so you might notice different physical energy or new sensation. Personally, I feel a little unsettled, as if there’s a constant electric current zinging around inside me. I’m not sleeping restfully and my legs are just itching to run – and I’m not a runner! Instead I find myself dancing and hopping around the kitchen and Hula Hooping on the brick walkway with my 9-year-old — very fun!

Try This

If you’re feeling a bit restless too or are having a hard time with sleep, we have a few practices to help you notice your feelings, release tension and bring a sense of calm to body and mind.