The family that breathes, plays, learns and gives back together is better able to just be. Our service learning programs and workshops engage the entire family – little and bigs alike. Projects are hosted in community spaces or at our nonprofit partner sites, run one to two ours and include education, movement, art and the service project itself. 

Our family programs focus on themes of compassion, mindfulness and kindness and include caring for animals, experiencing the awe and wonder of nature, interacting with diverse communities, cooking for those in need, assembling toy, hygiene and peace kits, mindful arts and crafts and kindness book clubs.

Private Family Mindfulness & Yoga Classes

We also offer small group yoga and mindfulness practices for individual or extended families. Private yoga and mindfulness sessions are often helpful for families coping with loss, grief or illness and are available in both private homes or community spaces. Please contact us for more information.

Self-Care for Bigs

We recognize how demanding parenting and caregiving can be as we meet all that life brings us. We also know we can’t have mindful littles without mindful bigs. That’s why we offer resources to support the compassionate hearts of bigs just as we nurture the innate kindness and light in our littles. We encourage you to participate in our programs alongside your little and take a look at our digital resources, including book and video recommendations, mindful parenting tips, inspirational stories and other restorative ways we can each feed our inner spark.