“Guess the Smelly Marker”

An easy mindfulness game that I played with my daughter was focused on the power of scent.  My daughter LOVES her Mr. Sketch markers (or as she endearingly calls…her smelly markers) and on a daily basis uses them to color and draw.  Today while she was drawing,  I asked her if she wanted to play a fun game to “guess the smelly marker” before she actually used the marker.  Since it was a “game” she was very eager to participate.  She closed her eyes, and I put a marker up to her nose, and she would guess what marker she had (e.g., blueberry, apple, cherry, licorice).  She was so tuned into the smell that the majority of her guesses were right.  And she LOVED playing it, so wanted to go through every marker.  After she guessed the marker scent- right or wrong- she would then use it to continue her drawing – pictured above.  It was an easy and quick way to pause for a bit and tune her into her present-sense of smell with some of her favorite drawing tools.  Since the first time we played this game, she periodically asks if we can play it again. And I take advantage of her eagerness to participate in our little “smelly” game whenever I can.


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