Learn Courage By Couraging


While it feels as though there is very little that we can control in our lives right now, we can choose to respond with peace for ourselves and for the world around us. When faced with life’s stressors, it takes courage to not react, but to respond with peace.

As we learn how to bring more peace into our lives, it is important to remind ourselves that practicing courage is a skill, a habit that is formed in small steps and doesn’t happen overnight. As Mary Daly says, “Learn Courage by Couraging.” That is why we have set up a Courage Challenge to practice small habits of peace together as a family, and provided resources below to hopefully help us all find some reprieve as we continue the journey ahead.

Playful Practices

Check out these 5 books about bravery to pump up your courage muscle!

Join Liz for a few minutes of yoga to shift your perspective.

Mindful Middles - by teens, for teens

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