Let Hope Fuel Your Resiliency

It’s been a stormy winter out here in Northern California. I’m grateful for it because we need the rain, but throw in cooler than usual temperatures and whipping wind and then we truly hunker down. 

Out pop the warm socks, the knit hats, the cluster of candles on the kitchen counter. We listen to the rain hit the bricks, drum the roof. We listen to the wind whoosh through the oak trees and over the hills. We cuddle up on the couch and listen to each other:
I hope I get to go to school in person this year. I hope nana and papa get the vaccine. I hope I can hug my friends again…
For the better part of a year, this is how we’ve managed and forged ahead – with hope. And it’s this hope that fuels our resilience: we will keep each other safe from disease. We will fight for racial justice. We will help those in need. We will listen to people who hold different views than we do.
When we hope for change and commit to standing strong until that change happens, that’s resilience. When we decide to persevere through difficult times, that’s resilience. When we choose the positive over the negative, that’s resilience. 
And when we hear how others have held on to hope in the face of adversity, it inspires us to do the same. In honor of Black History Month, we hope this newsletter inspires you to learn more about the African American struggle for equality and justice.
Black history is American history. Let your hope fuel your resilience and make change happen. This is how we journey through the dark until the light shows up again. The rain will (eventually) stop. And when it does, the most beautiful rainbow appears. 
With peace & light