Mindful Little Spotlight: Abigail Weiner & Her Mitzvah Project

A powerful aspect of our Mindful Littles organization is our Youth Leadership program in which older kids- middle school, high school and college students- volunteer with our organization in a variety of capacities. These teenagers join our efforts as volunteer staff to help us oversee kindness and mindfulness stations, help with event activities and much more.  They are instrumental to the success of our events and workshops, and provide a source of creativity and fresh energy that infuses our nonprofit.  In turn these Youth Leaders benefit by learning about mindfulness and compassion practices all while being able to help young children and serve a community in need.

It’s through our Youth Leadership program that we find amazing teenagers like Abigail Weiner.  Abigail has volunteered at several of our past events, always showing up with a smile and a big spirit to help in any way she can.  Sometimes she even brings her closest friends or family members to join in on our cause.

Abigail recently had her Bat Mitzvah celebration, which is a Jewish rite of passage signifying religious maturity.  For Abigail’s mitzvah project, or social action project, for this major life milestone, she chose Mindful Littles as her focus.  Her mother, Hillary, was kind enough to share Abigail’s speech during her Bat Mitzvah service, as our family was unable to attend the service.

We were extremely touched reading Abigail’s speech, which we have included here:

“For my mitzvah project, I volunteered at a program called Mindful Littles. Mindful Littles is a  program that helps little kids work on service projects for others who aren’t as fortunate as we are. Some examples of projects that we did are making kits for veterans, making food for people that can’t afford it, and making kits for kids in the hospital.

I chose to work with this organization because I love working with little kids, and helping them do something for the community felt right. Mindful Littles stood out to me because this program helps involve the community in being mindful about our surroundings. Mindful Littles also engages others by making charitable activities that help others.

Honoring other people is just as important as doing stuff for yourself, especially for other people who aren’t able to achieve what we do as easily. One Jewish value is “visiting the sick”. When you visit people that aren’t healthy it helps them heal emotionally, not just physically. Even tiny things like kits can still make a mark. It all adds up. When the kids in the hospital saw those kits it made their day, because they can’t go outside and enjoy life as we take it for granted.

From this experience I learned that we take a lot of things for granted. We are all very lucky to have a roof over our head and food in our stomachs. We are also very lucky to have people fighting for our country like veterans, and while they are off fighting and saving lives, we take their hard work for granted. We should give back to our community because it gives to us.”

We are truly honored that Abigail included us in her Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Thank you Abigail for sharing your big heart!  We are proud of your dedication to helping the greater good.  We look forward to many more fun times together ahead, and we wish you love and light on your journey!

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