Mindful Parenting Round-Up: Back to School

We are trying something new on the Mindful Littles blog! A roundup of resources from around the web with tips and guidance to help us all become the mindful parents that we aspire to be. Topics range from raising kind and compassionate kids, to practicing gratitude and humility, to every day mindfulness practices. So be on the lookout for these posts and hopefully they become an encouragement and challenge to us all!

In this week’s roundup the focus is back to school, because I think that is on everyone’s mind!

I read a blog post back in 2011 on momastery.com about kids and school and compassion and I think about it every year as summer comes to an end. And it makes me cry every time. (Note: Make sure you read the writer’s note at the end and if needed, replace the word God with whatever word means LOVE for your family. She wants the letter to be for everyone.)

Speaking of crying, since it is the end of summer, and many of us have had countless hours of uninterrupted family togetherness, we may be needing some simple tools to keep it together.

And why is it that the as summer comes to an end, the littles are having more meltdowns about  life’s minutiae? Science has some answers.

Some of us may be relieved that school is starting again, and some are already feeling stressed just thinking about how to get the kids ready and out the door on time on a regular basis. So here you go.

Or if 6 wasn’t enough and/or you prefer practical tips + humor

Best of luck with the back to school transition! Sending positive thoughts-until next time!


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