Mindful Parenting Round-Up: Celebrating Peace

In this month’s round-up, we highlight the power of Peace and the ideals embodied by the International Day of Peace (September 21).  

You can make Peace an everyday practice for your littles at home, in their communities and within themselves with the help of these fun activities.

For younger children, the concept of Peace might seem quite abstract. Yes Magazine offers Eight Steps to Teach Kids Peace that introduce concrete ways you can help your child feel and recognize what it means to be peaceful. Create quiet spaces at home for peaceful being; venture into nature to experience awe and wonder; or find a child-friendly way to help them experience giving to others. 

If you are inspired by Montessori teaching and the idea of the three levels of peace — inner peace, community peace, and world peace — you may enjoy this post from Carrots are Orange: 11 Simple Ways to Teach Kids Peace TODAY.

Playing games is an effective way to engage kids in any topic. These cooperative games for families teach peacemaking skills and also provide you with an opportunity to have some fun with your littles.

Do you or your littles like arts and crafts? These ideas will keep you busy with peace themed projects that inspire dialogue about not just peace, but human rights, non-violence, and a wide range of related topics.

cMusic is another simple way to teach littles about peace and start a conversation. There are many peace themed playlists available online, including this one geared specifically towards kids and another from Peace One Day compiled by musicians and actors worldwide. 

For those of you who like to share stories, tell about a time when you were a peacemaker. Ask your kids to share a story of their own, either when they helped make peace or didn’t lose their cool in a tough situation. Ask how as a family you can make your home more peaceful. Decide together what to try.

For the literary set, try writing a poem about Peace. Younger kids can have a go at a Peace anagram where they use each letter of the word P-E-A-C-E to describe what it means. Share your poems on social media and tag friends to spread the word. 

We’d love to hear what peace projects you and your kiddos engaged in. Let us know in the comments!