Mindful Parenting Round-up: Celebrating Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace which is a day observed around the world dedicated to “strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples” according to the UN website. This round-up is devoted to the idea of Peace and how to help our littles practice peace and promote it in ourselves, our homes, our communities and our world. 

From just being in nature, to delving into creative play, to establishing a family foundation-from Yes Magazine, Here are Eight practical steps to teach peace at home.

If you are inspired by Montessori teaching and the idea of the 3 levels of peace: inner peace, community peace, and world peace, you may enjoy this post about introducing the concept of peace, 11 easy ways.

Playing games is an effective way to engage kids in any topic. These cooperative games for families teach peacemaking skills and also provide you with an opportunity to have some fun with your littles.

Do you or your littles like arts and crafts? These ideas will keep you busy with peace themed projects that can inspire dialogue about not just peace, but human rights, non-violence, and a wide range of related topics.

Music is another simple way to teach littles about peace and start a conversation. There are many peace themed playlists available online, here is one geared towards kids.

You can follow what is happening around the world in support of peace day on Instagram #peaceday2018 or twitter at @PeaceDay

Share your ideas for peace-inspiring activities to do with your families.

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