Mindful Parenting Round-Up: Mindfully Welcoming Spring

Yes, we’re still experiencing quite a bit of rain (or snow in some places), but temperatures are rising, bright blue sky is peeking through and new life is springing up all around us. Spring encourages us to slow down, breathe deeply,  listen to the sounds of life, savor the sunshine on our skin, and notice the new blooms and sprouts of the season.

We are spoiled here in the Bay Area and get to be outside almost all year, but there is something about Springtime that invigorates and calls us to nature even more. This month’s Round-Up includes tips for Mindful Spring activities to enjoy with your Littles that I hope inspire joy and gratitude for the natural beauty of our world.

Recently my three older kids, noticing the new blooms in the yard, decided to press flowers. They went outside and quietly collected their favorites, came back and carefully placed them in a press and patiently waited two weeks to discover what had become of their precious blossoms.

What struck me most was how quietly they worked, so engrossed they were in the project. I suggested they send some to their great-aunt who loves dried flowers. They decided to glue a few to paper and write her a thank you note inside. Who doesn’t love a mindful craft that also inspires gratitude?

We have a basic press, but you can make your own with cardboard, parchment or wax paper, and some heavy books. Or if you’re a little more handy and up for a project, Proflowers details a few different options, including using an iron or the microwave.

Left Brain Buddha has a post about making Spring meaningful by going on a “noticing walk” and creating a “found things collage.” While you’re outside experiencing nature, you can also try this mindful sound hunt.

The imagination tree did a write-up on 15+ Spring Activities. These are simple but meaningful projects such as making aromatic, garden herb, sensory play dough, sprouting a bean in a cup with a cotton ball, or creating goop and flower “cupcakes.”

For the toddler and preschool set, happy hooligans created a list of 10 really fun projects. I am particularly excited to try the painted wood wind chime!

I found this sweet post about gardening with your Littles on Carrots are Orange. What child doesn’t love to play in the dirt (and water) and plant seed? Okay fine, some of my Littles prefer ripping plants out to putting plants in but we are working on it.

Create a small area in the yard just for your child if you can. Let them be in charge of how it looks and what gets planted. Help them tend it if needed but give them most of the responsibility. Nothing beats the look on their faces when the first tiny sprout pokes through.

Finally, from Backwoods Mama, there’s 7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox with Kids. Some examples include setting up a mud kitchen, bringing spring indoors with activities such as flower arranging, and inviting your Littles to help you pack a picnic to take to a park.

I plan to try out some of these ideas in the coming weeks and hope you do, too! Feel free to share other ideas of how you celebrate Spring mindfully with your Littles.