A Mindful Round-Up: Appreciating Our Teachers


If there’s one thing sheltering in place has shown us, it’s how much thought, patience, support, commitment and care teachers give their students every day. Now more than ever is a terrific time to show them how much they’re truly appreciated.

We’ve curated a few of our favorite Mindful Littles Kindness Projects we think teachers will love:

Use Your Words

Create Kindness Cards to send in the mail or post online.

Leave chalk drawings and written messages outside the school or,  your own sidewalk or in your teachers’ neighborhood to let them know you care.

Make Signs of Positivity for schools and teachers. Post them on school building windows and doors (if allowable) or in your home windows to show your appreciation. 

Peacemaker Gratitude Cards are a meaningful way to say “thank you.”

Put together a video of your child expressing their gratitude. Have them share what they love about their teacher. Email it to your child’s teacher and/or post your appreciation on social media — be sure to tag them and your school!

Deliver a Dose of Peace

Create a special Peace Kit for teachers, then deliver it to their doorstep. Include a note of gratitude, a Rainbow Breathing Wand, a homemade Weighted Eye Pillow as well as other soothing treats. 

Make a Donation

A wonderful way to thank teachers is to make a donation to a nonprofit in their honor. Consider making a gift to a child- or education-focused organization or donate to your child’s school. 

If you live in Orinda, you might considering supporting teachers in the Orinda Union School District by donating to  Teacher’s Lounge Refresh Project. The goal is to make staff and teacher lounges more peaceful, soothing places for educators to unwind for a few minutes of self-care.

Thank you for showing our teachers how much we love and appreciate them!