MYSELF™ Classroom Program

Working with experts in the fields of mindfulness, behavioral analysis and social-emotional learning, Mindful Littles has developed a curriculum that creates positive behavioral change in students and educators. The MYSELF™ (Mindfulness, Yoga, Service, Social-Emotional Learning & Fun) program is a series of 20-minute weekly lessons, paired with supporting practices and micro-habits that teachers can infuse into class.  

In each class, students and adults not only have the opportunity to practice tangible skills, but they can take practices home to sustain the practices on an ongoing basis.

Curriculum Overview

The MYSELF™ (Mindfulness, Yoga, Service, Social-Emotional Learning & Fun) curriculum is fundamentally rooted in the principles of self-compassion and agency as the means for building inner resilience and sparking compassionate action in youth.  The name MYSELF™ implies that each student ultimately controls their own responses to different situations they encounter.  As long as a student’s ability to respond (aka responsibility) is grounded in pure compassion, courage and faith in themselves then the responses will promote positive behavior for themselves and for the greater good. 

Program components

Classroom lessons

Regular 20-minute lessons, delivered in-person or online, integrate mindfulness and SEL with movement, play and creativity, engaging students to experience and learn key compassion values. The lessons include exercises such as storytelling and discussion, science tips, movement/body awareness, problem-solving role play, and reflections. Topics include Positive Feelings, Difficult Feelings, Awe in the Ordinary, Gratitude in Abundance, and more.

Digital Content Supporting Sustained Habits​

In addition to classroom facilitation, we offer powerful digital content that reinforces our lesson concepts and sustains transformational outcomes in students. Our digital content includes simple, short and playful practices as video, audio, classroom visual aids and more to promote mindfulness habits.  Our library of digital content is accessible to all educators.

Educator Self-Care​

In addition to MYSELF™  for our students, we support educators with will opportunities for self-care and nourishment. These can be in-person onsite, or can be accessed online at will. In these spaces, educators will have a chance to relax, refresh and recharge with simple mindfulness and yoga movements and practices designed especially for them.

“Through Mindful Littles, our students are developing a set of tools (purposeful breathing, positive self-talk, expression of gratitude, performing kind acts) to proactively mitigate feelings they are experiencing due to the recent significant traumatic event as well as other daily stressors. Additionally, the strategies are equipping the students with the skills and mindset to make a positive impact on our school community.”

-Edward Gregorio, Paradise Ridge Elementary School Principal

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