Mindful Well-Being Programs

Finding peace within ourselves is one of the most fundamental steps of creating a peaceful world.  Our unique yoga and mindfulness program emphasizes self-compassion and teaches social-emotional learning skills, while making the learning process creative and fun.  

Yoga & Mindfulness Meets
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
and Fun

As world-renowned researcher, Linda Lantieri, writes “when taught and learned together, mindfulness and SEL have the potential to transform our communities and our world with the former cultivating the tendencies for compassion and ethical ways of living and the latter teaching the skills to make that happen.”  

The Mindful Littles compassion education program integrates mindfulness and SEL with movement, play and creativity to offer an experiential program unlike any other to engage with and learn key compassion values.

An integral part of our program is building resiliency through self-compassion and focusing on compassion values such as Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Courage and much more.

Research-Based Practices to Create Positive Behavior Change​

Working with experts in the fields of mindfulness, behavioral analysis and social-emotional learning, Mindful Littles has developed a curriculum that creates positive behavioral change. In each class, students and adults not only have the opportunity to practice tangible skills, but they can take practices home to sustain the practices on an ongoing basis.

Classes, Workshops & Series for
Children & Families of
All Abilities

We partner with schools, churches, nonprofits, yoga studios and many other organizations to provide our yoga and mindfulness programs at various locations in your local community.  

Our programs cater to children (Pre-K to 5th grade), families and individuals of all abilities.

Classes can be set up as a single session, workshop or a series- customized as needed.  Contact us at info@mindfullittles.org to learn more about pricing and book yoga and mindfulness at your organization.