MYSELF™ Program Module 1 Lesson 2

Our Body: The Super Highway


Teach students to begin building body awareness. 


Self-Awareness, Self-Management


Students tune into their own body as a vehicle to anchor them into the present moment. 

TK - 2nd Grades

TK – 2nd Grade activity on Seesaw Learning.

3rd - 5th Grades

3rd – 5th Grade activity on Google Forms for your Google Classroom.

Mindful Recess:
Shadow Game

Objective: See how our brains are closely linked with the brains of people around us.

Skills Learned: Self-Awareness, Empathy, Self-Management

Benefits: Understanding mirror neurons in our brains and how humans influence each other through interaction.

When we smile more others will smile more too – go and share your smile with the world!

Note: If you don’t have someone nearby, you can play with someone on Facetime/Zoom/Etc., or you can record yourself being the Mover and then play the game with your recording as the Shadow!