Nonprofit Partners

Our work elevates when we collaborate with nonprofit partners. Mindful Littles service learning experiences directly benefit a diverse array of nonprofits and community causes, including those that feed the hungry, support our veterans and provide clothing and toys for children in need. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful nonprofits, both locally and around the world.

Become a Beneficiary

Let us know the needs of population you serve and we’ll create a service learning project offsite at a school, library or other public space or at various community fairs. Our projects include making hygiene kits for the homeless, filling backpacks for students in need and creating peace kits for veterans. We hold these events at schools, libraries and other community spaces. We always invite a representative from your organization to the event benefiting your nonprofit so you can meet Mindful Littles participants and see our work in action.

Host a Project or Ongoing Program

Host families, youth groups and teams or company team building events at your organization’s site. We’ll create one-time or ongoing programs that directly benefit your nonprofit. Hosting a Mindful Littles event onsite helps participants get to know your nonprofit’s mission and is a wonderful way to personally connect service learners with your community.

Examples of our programs include monthly Assemble with Love projects at White Pony Express, mindful arts and crafts with adults with developmental disabilities at Las Trampas and volunteering at a number of senior centers. We’re excited to work with you to create unique experiences to fit your nonprofit’s needs.