Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Every child is empowered to create a peaceful, compassionate world starting with themselves and their community.

Our Mission

To spark compassionate action in youth and communities through engaging service learning experiences and mindful well-being programs that foster resiliency, pro-social behavior and improved mental health. 

Our Values

We are fiercely compassionate.

We Lead with our Heart starting with the smallest of actions. We are kind and courageous. We spark compassionate action.

We are fluid with intention.

We Pause. We notice. We are consciously deliberate, while remaining flexible to change.

We are authentic.

We are simple. We are pure. We trust. We recognize our unique strengths, weaknesses and differences.

We are grounded.

We Root to Rise. We anchor ourselves in our home and our heart first.

We are connected.

We are different hearts, united as One. We recognize our actions have consequences. We are a family.


We are joyful.

We are open. We are creative. We laugh. We are playful. We are curious. We WOW.