Personalized Kindness Cootie Catcher for a Special Friend

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to play with Cootie Catchers- or Paper Fortune Tellers.   The element of surprise with each turn, not knowing what will be unveiled as your fortune, was always so fun and intriguing.  I’ve introduced this popular activity with my girls and they love it just as much as I did.  Recently I found this blog post that added a little twist to this activity by making the catcher about kindness.  With the Kindness Cootie Catcher, each fortune results in a simple act of kindness like ‘give a hug’ or ‘smile.’

So for last week’s kindness project, we decided to make a Kindness Cootie Catcher.  I thought that my 5-year old could try it out when she played with her friends and just have some fun with some kindness fortunes.  We followed the YouTube video for folding instructions as the Coffee, Cups and Crayons blog post had noted.  But then came the twist that I didn’t anticipate.  When we decided to fill in the content for our catcher, my 5-year old asked if she could make a special one for her friend, whose birthday party she was attending later that day.  She wanted each selection to be personalized for the birthday girl.  So for the first layer of flaps, my 5-year old drew colored hearts.  But then for the second layer of flaps, she drew balloons, cupcakes, ice cream and even a picture of the birthday girl.  And then finally for the fortunes, she customized them with kind acts for the birthday girl- including ‘giving the birthday girl a hug’ or ‘telling her a joke.’  My daughter tried out the Kindness Cootie Catcher at the birthday party and she said that her friend loved it and smiled with each kind act she received.

I thought my daughter’s idea to personalize the Kindness Cootie Catcher was a nice touch and a really thoughtful way to make someone feel a little extra special.  However you decide to use it, personalized or not, this was a super simple kindness activity to do and one that can be easily added into everyday organic playtime.


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