With Gratitude for the Power of Community


Dear Friends,

Over the past year, like many other nonprofit leaders, I was worried. I was worried about the negative effects the global pandemic would have on our ability to deliver our programs.

We needed to be able to continue the essential trauma healing work we were providing to the schools and communities we serve, knowing the life-changing impact it was having on so many people. I also wanted to protect our incredible team of compassionate humans who were providing these much-needed services.

As we navigated perhaps the most challenging period of our nonprofit’s history, it was the power of community that helped us survive. It was families like the Kurtzman family who left me awestruck last December when they decided that in lieu of exchanging Hanukkah gifts as a family they would make an annual family donation to our organization. It was board members like Kate Schox who helped us secure a necessary grant. Slowly but surely our nonprofit not only survived, but we began paving the path forward for graceful growth.  

When I reflect back on our 5 year journey, from our first year of service learning projects in the Bay Area to our most recent food bank meal packing event with students in Paradise, it has always been about our community coming together, rallying behind our organization and uplifting us along the way. It has been about the parents and caregivers who, after experiencing the Mindful Littles magic at our service events, immediately signed up to help in any way they can. It has been about the children who have given our Mindful Littles team countless hugs and high fives after lessons and events — an affirmation that they felt seen, that they felt heard. It is about our youth leaders, who with bright eyes and fresh enthusiasm, roll up their sleeves to help lead. It has been about the teachers’ tears we have witnessed, the hugs we have provided as a way to hold these educators who sacrifice so much for future generations. 

It’s thanks to generous support from people like you that we are able to create these transformative experiences through our service-learning events and our compassionate classroom programs. As 2021 comes to a close, I am deeply grateful that our organization has arrived at this critical inflection point of growth. I am so proud of our team and their relentless pursuit of a compassionate future. I am proud that this past year we were able to add new facilitators, board members and advisors. We have expanded into new communities and continue building a foundation for the long-term sustainability of Mindful Littles. 

While our programs are reaching many, the demand for our services exceeds our current capacity. So I ask the community once again to stand by our side and to donate today. By supporting Mindful Littles, you are providing resources for us to work with more students, educators and families coping with trauma.

With deep gratitude and wishes for a peaceful holiday season, 


Tanuka Gordon, Founder & CEO

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