Resilience Isn’t Always Gritty


Learning from our children that a perspective of lightheartedness and laughter may be one of the best ways to manage the challenges we all face. This week, Travis shares what he’s learned from his middle school daughter Gaby in these trying times.

“Two weeks into Shelter-In-Place, Gaby was grieving, openly and honestly. She wanted answers and we gave them to her and let feel the gravity of it all. The next day she connected with her friends online, they shared their frustrations and then made amusing dance videos to bring their spirits up. I learned that day that resiliency isn’t always gritty; with the right mindset and little movement and laughter it can be spacious and light.”

Playful Practices

Connect to the Earth with a mindful barefoot walk.

Toss the gratitude ball and hear how great children are at expressing their gratitude.

Mindful Middles - by teens, for teens

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