Seeing Ourselves & Each Other In Every Rainbow


A letter from Lisa, our magical Editor in Chief

Talking about topics like race or sexual orientation is sometimes uncomfortable. But at Mindful Littles, we’re up for uncomfortable. That’s because we believe compassion is the perfect companion for discomfort. When we meet ourselves and others with compassion, we’re ready to listen, empathize and make change. 

Which brings me to rainbows. I’ve been thinking a lot about rainbows lately. Yes, I’m sure it has to do with the fact that June is Pride Month, but I think it also has to do with the national protests calling for racial justice. 

Catching sight of a rainbow immediately inspires awe and wonder. Light and water combine just so, shooting seven different, glorious colors across the sky, creating a single, dazzling arc. But what if I ignored or marginalized one or two of the colors? What if I could see only one color? What if I didn’t see color at all? Imagine what I’d be missing. 

Who we are uniquely, whether we identify primarily through the color of our skin or the love in our hearts, is what makes us each beautiful and important. When we stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, collectively shining our individual light, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when we see the rainbow. 

We invite you to start a compassionate conversation with your little and to keep going, even if it’s uncomfortable. Mindful Littles is right there with you, compassion at the ready. Together we’ll revel in all the colors of the rainbow – and beyond. 

With peace and light,


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