Adult Wellness

Through adult self-care programs, a digital library of practices and close collaborations, we empower educators and parents to not only practice the same mindful compassion habits as their children, but we also empower them to guide their littles with compassion.

Adult Self-Care Programs

We recognize the enormous stress placed on parents, caregivers and teachers as we navigate both daily life and unexpected traumatic events. That’s why we offer MYSELF (Mindfulness, Yoga, Service, Social-Emotional Learning, & Fun) programs for adults, too.  Programs include:

  • Wellness Habits for Improved Productivity
  • Compassionate Listening Circles 

Mindful Makeovers for Teachers' Lounges

Joining forces with Starbucks, we lovingly redesign and redecorate teachers’ lounges within schools, giving our beloved educators and staff the peaceful, inviting spaces they deserve.

Conscious Parenting Workshops

Interactive discussions on parenting with compassion and awareness. One-hour virtual workshop topics include:

  • How to Raise Socially Connected, Compassionate Kids
  • Finding Peace through Conscious Habits

We also work with companies to help integrate mindfulness, self-care, and compassion into their work culture.

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“I am able to use (breathing techniques) with students when they are frustrated, angry, or feeling anxious, too. I model and use them when I feel this way as well!”

—Paradise Ridge Elementary Teacher

Download our info sheet for more about our Educator Wellness programs, or contact us to talk about your specific needs.