Educator Wellness

Through adult self-care programs, a digital library of practices and close collaborations, we empower educators and parents to not only practice the same mindful compassion habits as their children, but we also empower them to guide their littles with compassion.

Self-Care Classes for Adults

To truly nurture and guide our mindful littles, we must also nurture ourselves. We realize the enormous stress placed on parents, caregivers and teachers as we navigate both daily life and unexpected traumatic events, like pandemics, natural disasters and personal loss. That’s why we provide mindfulness and yoga self-care classes for adults, too. These practices emphasize the same mindfulness habits and skills we teach littles. When we practice these well-being habits together, we expand compassion for ourselves and others together.

Bite-Sized Practices at Your Digital Doorstep

We know how consuming it is working with youth, so we’ve curated and packaged bite-sized compassion practices for families and educators. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to receive information so you can practice self-care and compassion for yourself and your little.

Bolstering Capacity to Provide Compassion Education

Our goal is to make it easier for schools and homes to deliver compassion education to their children. When you sign up with Mindful Littles, we become your personal consultant on compassion education, helping with everything from strategy, event planning, content creation and more. By doing so, we empower adults to guide themselves and others with compassion.