Mindful Service Learning

Our Mindful Service Learning program is an innovative educational model where children take part in 60-75 minute service projects, as a school/community group or as a family at home, that directly benefit another local nonprofit or community cause. Our approach is different from traditional community service programs as our primary objective is building the compassion muscle in our youth participants. 

The Mindful Service Learning Experience​

Our innovative framework is highly successful in engaging children with important social topics, internalizing compassion and empathy, and turning thought into meaningful, enduring action.

Humanize and Empathize through Interactive Visual Storytelling 

Before we dive into working on a project, we help students understand the social issues behind the service—who they are helping and why. We use highly interactive visual and verbal storytelling techniques to make abstract concepts—civil rights for instance— feel real and relatable, which builds empathy and social consciousness about our common humanity.

Feel Compassion in the Body through Mindful Movements

Emotions are felt in our physical bodies. We incorporate mindfulness, yoga, movement, and art to help participants embody compassion. Our gratitude exercises and heart-centered practices, such as loving-kindness meditations, foster deep compassion and well-being.

Engage in Action through Tangible Meaningful Creation

Children are empowered through creating valuable tangible outputs—things like hygiene kits, warm meals, and encouraging cards of support. Being responsible for creating a finished product, and personalizing it as a gift, gives children a feeling of pride, achievement, and recognition.

Our Mindful Service Learning Offerings

Our projects are deeply connected to serve specific local and global causes that are meaningful to children. We also create customized projects that adapt to the needs and desires of your community and project participants. Many of our offerings are available in a digital format that can be done at home.

Play with horses, dogs, pigs and more as part of our series on compassion.  We partner with local shelters or animal centers to help animals in need.

Diversity is one of the most important topics we teach. In this special series, we focus on inclusion and immersion to break barriers between communities, including inter-generational programs and working with people of all abilities.

Explore the great outdoors on scavenger hunts, sound huts and more to appreciate Mother Nature and learn to become stewards of the environment. 

Gather in the kitchen to rinse, chop, cook, bake and make delicious meals for those in need, while also learning about mindful nutrition practices.

Assemble holiday food bags, toy drives, patient kits, peace kits, hygiene kits, backpacks and so much more. We personalize each assembled gift with cards and messages of kindness, hope and peace.

Get your dancing shoes on to perform for good.  We partner with local dance studios or performance art to teach littles how to groove, and we then take our performances over to local senior centers or other areas to perform.
Interested in a Mindful Service Learning project for your school or group?

“The event had quite an impact on my 7-year-old son, Caden, who, after assembling hygiene kits at your Mindful Littles event, decided to raise money for the kids in Haiti on his own…. What you are doing through the Mindful Littles program is wonderful, and it’s obviously having an impact on children near and far.”

– Kim Morrow, Local Bay Area Parent

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