Sustaining Compassion in Times of Uncertainty


Being a mamapreneur of a nonprofit startup in the midst of a global pandemic is like driving a bus while changing the wheels in the midst of a thick fog hoping you don’t run out of gas. All the while you have two little ones on the bus with you who need daily caretaking, help with school and everything in between. 


2020 has been a challenging year for us all. I have felt moments of despair, loneliness, exhaustion, frustration and so much more. And yet through all the chaos, through all the uncertainty over the past few months, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear:  

Our work at Mindful Littles is more important now than ever.  

Our country is in a period unlike any other. The mental health crisis is growing at staggering proportions, with a 30% increase in social isolation and emotional distress tripling over the last few months. Compounding this with civil unrest, a contentious political climate and natural disasters, every day can feel overwhelming. 

Our Mindful Littles practices of providing daily habits of self-compassion and mindful service learning for youth and adults alike, have a powerful healing effect for individuals and communities. 

As we continue to bring educator self-care programs to San Francisco Unified School District, a second year of our Healing Initiative to the Paradise Unified School district and our flagship programs to even more communities through new, national partnerships, we know the impact of our work is real.  

“All students have feelings and this program is helpful for students struggling with the difficult feelings they have had, learning that others have struggled too and learning to focus on the positive and to manage the negative.”
Paradise Ridge Elementary School Teacher

No matter the outcome, my faith in our mission is unwavering not only because of the impact we are making on the world, but because of the healing benefits I have experienced first-hand. As my own family has navigated these unprecedented times, it is our Mindful Littles practices that have helped me anchor, to find balance, hope and joy through it all. 

These same practices have helped my husband find moments of reprieve and my children feel “together apart” with their loved ones. These practices give me the courage to persevere, to keep driving the bus through the fog, and even begin seeing the road that lies ahead as a beautiful expansive opportunity for our organization and the world. 

Your support now is critical. As both a life-long student and a teacher, I ask from my heart to yours to help support Mindful Littles so that we can continue our powerful work of deep healing.

With peace and gratitude,