We are making an impact on littles and bigs in our community.  We’ve inspired some littles to do service work on their own.  Below are just a few testimonials from local parents and some spotlight stories of some amazing Mindful Littles.

Word on the Street…from a few local parents:

“That was a really great event. I held more doors open for people in the last few days than I think I have in my life.🙂 Your words were heard.” – Jennifer Kamal

“Thanks…for such a wonderful, well thought-out, organized and thoughtful event today!  It was so great to not only make the kits, but to also learn about what we were doing and to help the kids get centered before just diving in.  I’m sure it will be something the kids will remember.  Look forward to the next one!” – Alexis Miller

 “I just wanted to thank you so much again for organizing such a fantastic event recently to benefit the Center of Hope – Haiti. My kids and I really enjoyed it! I especially loved the way event catered to the children and reinforced the importance of community service and having an awareness of and appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.” -Kim Morrow

Mindful Little Spotlight Stories

Caden Morrow gives back to Haiti