Who We Are

Mindful Littles is a nonprofit organization, and so much more. 

Our dedicated staff and our visionary founder. The educators, parents, and caregivers we help, and who in turn enrich us so much. The local and national nonprofits we serve and the communities we touch. The organizations  who are our partners in spreading compassion, kindness and peace. And of course the children we teach—and from whom we learn so much.

Our Vision

Every child is empowered to create a peaceful, compassionate future starting with themselves and their community.

Our Mission

To raise conscious and resilient leaders
through experiential compassion education programs.

We’re passionate

about bringing the benefits of mindfulness to our youngest citizens, and harnessing the power of compassion to create a better world. We’re innovative in our approach, combining the best thinking from education, mindfulness research, and tech-startup cultures. We’re relentless in our commitment to delivering concrete, measurable results, and knowing that our work is truly making a kinder, more peaceful world.

We believe…

There is a mindful little in each of us.

We are born compassionate with a purpose.  

We are playful by nature, wired to connect with ourselves and others. 

We are curious and creative.

We are many unique hearts, united as one.

Each of us is unique and has different ways of connecting to compassion. We celebrate these differences, as they make us strong and vibrant.

When we come together as one compassionate family, our force for good is unstoppable.

Each of us is a student and a teacher.

Learn by doing.  Share with one another. Repeat. 

Children are our greatest teachers if we consciously tune into their presence.

Feeling good, doing good is deeply healing.

Peace begins with yourself and your home. Self-compassion is critical. 

The more we feel good, the more we do good. The more we do good, the more we feel good.  

A small mindful act can be stronger than a big mindless one.

Positive change can with small, ordinary acts.

Each action has a ripple effect on the world so putting positive intention into it makes it that much more powerful.