Community Organizations

Partnering with organizations and institutions, we bring our unique programs onsite to libraries, churches, synagogues, hospitals and other civic organizations, making mindful service learning accessible for all ages and communities.

Youth Groups

Our programs are perfect for Girl Scout and Cub Scout troops, sports teams and other youth organizations. We can focus on a specific badge or offer a unique mindful service learning experience. Earn your Pets Badge with a Critter Compassion event, or an Outdoor Adventure Badge at a Kids-n-Nature program. Participate in a Compassion Workshop, cook for those in need, or assemble Holiday, Hygiene or Peace Kits. 


We offer our Kindness Book Clubs and Mindful Makers workshops at local public libraries. These workshops, for pre-K through 5th grade children and their families, include reading a book on a particular theme like Gratitude, Courage, Peace, or Climate Change, practicing mindfulness and yoga, and engaging in a creative art or science-based makers’ project to reinforce kindness and compassion themes.

Churches & Synagogues

Our service learning projects and compassion workshops are a perfect complement to religious youth programs. From working with the elderly to caring for animal critters to exploring values, we work with you to create projects that promote peace, kindness, courage, and hope in a way that reflects your spiritual mission. Whether it be for a holiday fair, Sunday School series, or to welcome new or prospective members, we share the message that miracles begin when we have the courage to be who we are.

A simple Gratitude Tree grows to a flourishing partnership spreading compassion, peace, and kindness.

On World Kindness Day in 2018, Mindful Littles started a Gratitude Tree at a Starbucks coffeeshop in Walnut Creek, California. Its popularity quickly grew and spread, and so did the friendship and collaboration between Mindful Littles and Starbucks. From mindfulness training for Starbucks employees to makeovers for teachers’ lounges to the financial support that Starbucks has provided to us, we are proud of the work we’ve done together, and forever grateful for this strong partnership.


Because there’s a mindful little in each of us, we offer heartfelt service learning and mindful well-being programs for companies wishing to integrate mindfulness, self-care, and compassion into their work culture. Our 8 Practical Habits workshop is a great introduction to mindfulness and the power of compassion. We can also bring you yoga classes, mindful arts and crafts, or volunteer service projects  tailored to enrich your team—whether it be for an office perk, a company picnic, or Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Choose a Program or Create Your Own

Take a look at our Mindful Service Learning and Compassion Workshops pages to see the programs that we offer, or contact us to discuss creating a new program suited to the unique needs and culture of your group.