Youth Groups & Institutions

Partnering with organizations and institutions, we bring our unique programs onsite to libraries, churches, synagogues, hospitals and other civic organizations, making mindful service learning accessible for all ages and communities. 

Youth Groups

We create programs for Girl Scout and Cub Scout troops, sports teams and other youth organizations. Our programs can focus on earning a specific badge or offer a unique mindful service learning experience for your group. Earn your Pets Badge by joining one of our Critter Compassion events, or an Outdoor Adventure Badge by signing up for a Kids-n-Nature program. Participate in a Compassion Workshop, cook for those in need or assemble Holiday, Hygiene or Peace Kits. You can also contact us to customize a unique program just for your group. 


We currently offer our Kindness Book Clubs and Mindful Makers workshops at local public libraries. These 75-minute workshops for children (pre-kindergarten through 5th grade) and their families include reading a book on a particular kindness theme like Gratitude, Courage or Peace or about Climate Change and the environment. We also practice mindfulness and yoga and engage in a creative art or makers science-based project to enforce kindness and compassion themes.

Churches & Synagogues

Our unique service learning projects and compassion workshops are a perfect complement to youth programs offered by churches and synagogues. From working with the elderly to caring for animal critters to exploring values, we collaborate with your organization to create projects that promote peace, kindness, courage and hope in the world in a way that reflects your institution’s mission. It’s also a wonderful way to welcome new members and those considering your community.

Choose a Program or Create Your Own

Our past programs include the “Courage to Be Who We Are” Hanukkah workshop. Focusing on diversity and courage, we share the message that miracles begin when we have the courage to be who we are. Families create a Courage Paper Chain Menorah and a Little Spark Jar to honor the mindful spark in each of us no matter the differences in our human experience. 

We also offer an “Awe & Wonder” workshop focusing on the ways awe and wonder surround us everywhere and why it’s important to recognize the wonder in our lives. Families make small treasure chests as a keepsake to fill at home when they experience awe and wonder in their lives. 

We look forward to working with you to create custom mindfulness programs that highlight values unique to your group.

Sunday School Classes

We have partnered with churches and synagogues to provide classroom lessons and series to teach mindfulness, yoga, self-compassion and inner resilience. They provide a necessary toolkit for children to gain valuable social emotional learning skills and character education during the formative elementary school years. Our lessons incorporate breathing exercises that help identify and regulate emotions, gratitude practices and kindness projects, among many other mindful and reflective activities.


We believe you can’t have mindful littles without mindful bigs. That’s why we offer heartfelt service learning and mindful well-being programs for companies wishing to integrate mindfulness, self-care and compassion into the work culture. Our “8 Practical Habits” Workshop is a wonderful introduction mindfulness and the power of compassion. Contact us to create a special service learning project for your team or a meaningful activity for Bring Your Child to Work Day.