Mindful Service Learning Curriculum Module 2 Unit 8

Choose Courage


Define courage
Practice Mindful Littles Compassion habits for growing your courage muscle
Choose to act with courage when you feel fearful

SEL Competencies



Courage is doing the right thing even when it is hard. Repeatedly acting with a balanced mind and body to do the right thing in the face of discomfort or fear helps us to make courage a habit. To make courage a habit, we need to practice feeling balanced and steady (i.e., feeling good) when faced with situations that activate a strong emotional response (such as fear).

Core Concept

Choosing to engage in a Mindful Littles compassion habit when we feel discomfort grows our courage muscle.

Student Extension

Strengthen Your Courage Muscles

  1. Reflect and Brainstorm: 
    1. Courage is doing the right thing even when it is hard. Practicing courage helps to strengthen our courage muscles!
    2. As a class, brainstorm examples of courageous choices.
  2. Engage in Service: 
    1. Since your heart is your courage muscle, practicing heart opening postures with your body can help increase your capacity for courage. Practice superhero yoga for courage to strengthen your courage muscle.
  3. Reflect on Service: 
    1. Complete the extension worksheets below.