Mindful Service Learning Curriculum Module 2 Unit 9

Listening with Courage


  1. Define Courageous Listening
  2. Define Whole Body Listening
  3. Practice Reflective Listening

Students will learn that to pause to listen requires intention and heart, and therefore courage. 

SEL Competencies

Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills


Listening with courage and reflective listening improves retention of relayed information, improves relationships, reduces misunderstandings, and improves academic performance.

Core Concept

Listening with courage requires skills such as whole body listening and reflective listening.

Student Extension

Practice Reflective Listening

  1. Reflect and Brainstorm: 
    1. Listening with courage requires whole body listening and reflective listening.
    2. As a class, brainstorm examples of when listening with courage could be beneficial.
  2. Engage in Service: 
    1. Watch the video of Marianne below.
    2. Have students partner up and practice reflective listening with an engaging prompt. Here are some ideas:
      1. What is a time you felt proud?
      2. When was the last time you had to ask for help?
      3. What calms you down when you’re upset?
  3. Reflect on Service: 
    1. Have each student share how it felt to be both listening to and the courageous listener.
    2. Challenge students to practice reflective listening in the classroom often.
    3. Model reflective listening with your students throughout instruction time, and point out when you do so they can see the application of the skill in real time.

Additional Resources