Mindful Service Learning Curriculum Module 1 Unit 7

Feel Good, Do Good


Identify body sensations (i.e. inside clues) in the present moment
Name feelings using inside clues
Explain the connection between “feeling good” and “doing good”

SEL Competencies



Noticing feelings on the inside helps us to make kind choices to feel good (i.e., to feel balanced, calm, steady) and do good (i.e., to be a helper), especially during the most difficult moments like when someone or something is hurting, including ourselves. When we do good for ourselves, each other, and our communities, we feel more connected. When we feel more connected, we make healthier and kinder choices as individuals and as a community.

Core Concept

Our feelings and thoughts impact the choices we make about how to treat ourselves and each other. Pausing and noticing how we feel gives us more power to make the choice to treat ourselves and each other kindly.

Student Extension

Daily Cami Check-In

  1. Reflect and Brainstorm: After you watch the video below, break students up into groups of 3-4. Ask them to think of 3 feelings words for each Cami color: red, green, blue, and yellow. Invite each small group to share out and write 5 unique feelings words for each color on the Cami Check-In poster. Then, invite students to do a Cami Check-in.
    1. Follow this script or play this video [from 2:27 – 3:20] in which Liz guides a brief Cami Check-In.
      1. Come to the edge of your chair and sit up tall, with both feet on the ground (if they reach!).
      2. Close your eyes or gaze down into your lap. 
      3. Bring one hand to your heart, one to your belly.
      4. Check in with your best inside clue – your breath. Notice if it’s fast or slow, feels forced or relaxed. Notice if you feel the breath under your top hand high up in the chest or under your bottom hand deep down in the belly.
      5. Under the top hand, notice your heartbeat. Is it beating quickly or relaxed?
      6. Are your muscles tight, soft, wiggly? Does it feel hard or easy to sit up straight?
      7. Notice the temperature of your body. Are you cold? Hot? In between?
      8. Now think back to the Cami colors. Based on your inside clues, what color do you think you’re feeling right now? 
    2. Next, ask students to partner up with the student next to them and tell each other how they feel by completing this statement:
      1. I noticed (name the inside clues they noticed). I feel (Cami color) because ______________.
  2. Engage in Service: After you add student responses, laminate the Cami Check-In poster and hang somewhere in your classroom, ideally near the door! When students enter the classroom each morning, using a dry erase marker, they may put a checkmark next to the feelings word(s) that best describe how they feel. You could also put up multiple Cami Check-In posters and invite students to do a Cami Check-in several times a day. Invite a student to choose and lead the class in doing a few mindful breaths after their Cami Check-In.
  3. Reflect on Service: Validate how students are showing up by pointing out the similarities/variations in how students feel. Ask them if they have noticed changes and/or trends in how they and the whole class feel as the day / week has progressed.