Mindful Service Learning Curriculum Module 1 Unit 6

The Gifts of Nature


Learn about the importance of water for sustaining life.
Identify several sources of water on Earth.
Begin to develop an awareness of the limited availability of freshwater to sustain human life.
Develop a deeper appreciation for Nature’s gift of water for sustaining life.

SEL Competencies

Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making


Increasing knowledge increases gratitude (Konig & Gluck, 2014) and regularly practicing gratitude increases motivation to engage in positive behaviors (Armenta, et.al., 2017), such as engaging in kind acts for others (Bartlett & DeStano, 2006). Because nature connects all living beings on Earth, learning about and caring for the gifts of Nature is a kind act, thus strengthening our compassionate connections with each other.

Core Concept

Widening our perspectives by increasing awareness about Nature’s gift of water and expressing gratitude for the life-giving role water plays in the health, safety, and happiness of all 3 circles of the Wheel of Gratitude.

Student Extension

Show care for the Gifts of Nature by creating Nature Bookmarks.

  • Reflect and Brainstorm: Ask students to think of as many gifts of Nature as possible. Write them in the Wheel of Gratitude. Then, engage in a discussion some of these gifts with this question:
    • What does this gift of Nature do to keep our bodies, communities, and Nature safe, healthy, and happy?
  • Engage in Service: Have students use nature to create bookmarks. They can either color in the pre-made picture or create their own nature art. See page 2 of the handout for ideas. After students make their bookmarks, laminate them. Deliver them to your local public library or the school library for patrons or other students to enjoy.
  • Reflect on Service: What are some things you can do to care for the gifts of Nature?