Notice the Good: Dressing Paper Cut Outs in Nature

While free play outdoors is always a good option for kids, making outdoor time mindful offers additional benefits, like easing anxiety and boosting feelings of calm. This simple Clothing Cut Out project is an engaging activity to do with kids that combines art and the outdoors while helping them tap into mindfulness through their sense of sight.


  • Paper
  • Pen or marker
  • Scissors


  • Draw a figure of a person on the paper
  • Make sure your person is “dressed” in clothing you can easily cut out, like a dress or a shirt and pants
  • Cut out a single item of clothing, like the dress, the shirt or the pants, to create an opening in the paper

Now take your cut out with you on a walk using it as a viewfinder to “dress” your person. See how many different patterns you can view through the cutout. Seeing nature in this new way helps kids notice the good all around them. When we intentionally focus on the good, we increase our feelings of happiness and well-being.

If you like, snap photos of each different pattern, create a collage and post it on social media to share with friends. Don’t forget to tag Mindful Littles!

Thanks to Shelly Smith, an outdoor educator at Tinkergarten for this fun activity!

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