Pandemic Response

Resources for Mental Well-Being & Compassion

In support of families, youth and educators during this difficult time, Mindful Littles is committed to bringing our content — mindfulness, self-care, service projects, kindness activities and more — right to your digital doorstep. We hope these resources make small moments of peace and compassion more accessible for everyone through the global pandemic.

When my 8-year-old came to me with a worried look and asked if she was going to get the Coronavirus, I answered her truthfully: “I don’t know, but if you or anyone else in our family does, we know how to take care of you.”  Read More

Whether you’re looking for a calming breath practice, service or kindness project, book recommendation or mindful game, we’ve got activities for all ages, indoors and (safely) out.  See all >

Join our Peace Kits for Pandemic Heroes project to lovingly create self-care kits in support of all the essential workers on the frontlines keeping us healthy, tending to those in need and keeping life moving as many of us stay home.  See all >

Fresh air and movement are even more important now that families are spending more time indoors. Our Nature & Outdoor Activities combine play, creativity and mindfulness for a whole lot of outdoor fun!  See all >

Breathing Practices

These simple breathing practices are a wonderful way to calm and ground when emotions feel big.  

See more peaceful practices >