Littles Giving Back Mindfully: Seva Projects

The word “seva” means “selfless service” in Sanskrit.  Doing seva is thought to not only help the community, but also help one’s personal growth.  What is critical with “seva” is the mindful intention behind this service and the genuine desire to express compassion in the work. For instance, to go through the motions of participating in a canned food drive can help the community, but if we do so with mindful intention we can make the experience more fulfilling.  We can also cultivate feelings of compassion for those in need, which has powerful benefits for our entire community.  This is the focus of Mindful Littles Seva Projects. We have begun a grassroots effort to organize mindful service projects for littles and bigs for our local community to thoughtfully, mindfully give back to others.

“That was a really great event. I held more doors open for people in the last few days than I think I have in my life.🙂 Your words were heard.” – Jennifer Kamal, local parent

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