At Mindful Littles we believe
compassion is an essential
life skill.


We strengthen connectedness through compassion experiences for all ages.

Research shows that cultivating compassion requires practice-much like riding a bike or learning to read and write. And that this skill can be fostered from a young age.

The problem is that the barrier to this practice has become overwhelmingly high.

At Mindful Littles we help our youngest generations practice compassion regularly,
starting from the inside out.

What We Do







Mindful Community
Service Projects

We organize engaging community
service events and bring them to your doorstep to your school, workplace, or local community.







Mindful Care Kits

Our Mindful Care Kits provide tools and activities that help children learn how to care for themselves with mindfulness and compassion practices.







Mindfulness Coaching Programs

To cultivate compassion from the inside out, we strengthen self-awareness and self-compassion with our mindfulness coaching programs.



Students Reached


Mindful Care Kits for Children & Families


Mindful Community Service Projects

Strengthening connection, belonging, and resilience.

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Mindful Community Service Experiences to Uplift Youth Well-Being

Every program seamlessly integrates our feel good-do good model to engage in purposeful community action. 

Engage in FEEL GOOD practices to strengthen mental well-being and connectedness, 

while practicing DOING GOOD through community service, to support youth well-being.

$20 helps us reach 5 children in need.

Support us with a donation today.