Our Impact

Our unique approach of teaching service and mindfulness—to children as well as their whole communities—produces results that are a bit like magic. Children who experience the power of feeling good by doing good want to do it more, and those on the receiving end are inspired to spread kindness in turn, creating a ripple effect spreading waves of  kindness and compassion through their communities.

We’ve reached more than 4,000 children through our mindful service learning and school programs, and the results are clear: 

Using strategies to calm down or regulate emotion
Fostering positive emotions
Living with resiliency and compassion
Feeling more peaceful
Managing conflict at school and home

Students have improved self-regulation and behavior.

“Mindful Littles has made a huge impact on my fourth grade students as well as myself. I’m beyond grateful to have this important program in our schools.”

-Jessica McMahon, 4th grade teacher

“Teachers reported students using breathing techniques to calm their emotions in class when feeling scared or sad.”

—Paradise Ridge mid-year report

100% of teachers responding would recommend our program to other educators. 

—Orinda Unified School District year-end report

Children are sharing their learnings outside of school.

A majority of teachers responded that students indicated they are using Mindful Littles strategies at home.

—Paradise Ridge mid-year report

37% of Orinda students indicated sharing the practices with family members or friends.
—Orinda Unified School District year-end report

“Every week, we receive feedback from students that they are using the skills they have learned with Mindful Littles to manage conflict at school and at home, regulate difficult emotions, help themselves feel more peaceful, and be leaders in their families and their communities.”

-Paradise Ridge mid-year report

Children are acting on their own to help others.

“The event had quite an impact on my 7 year old son, Caden, who, after assembling hygiene kits at your Mindful Littles event, decided to raise money for the kids in Haiti on his own. I think what you are doing through the Mindful Littles program is wonderful, and it’s obviously having an impact on children near and far… I look forward to attending another one soon!”

– Kim Morrow, Local Parent

Nonprofits and community groups receive support and gifts from our projects.

Community groups served
Peace kits delivered
Backpacks and hygeine kits gifted
Warm meals made
“A clinician just popped into my office and shared how one of our kids loved the positive words on the hygiene kit. The youth said it felt like Christmas – all because of a hygiene kit. Amazing.”
—Beth Goldberg
Director of Development, Youth Homes
“The most exciting part of our visit was the moment when I passed out the peace kits. One little kindergartner said asked me, “Do we get to keep this?” “Yes,” I said.  He looked at me like it was the best thing that ever happened. I was so happy that I could put a smile on his face.”

—5th grade student

Our innovative partnership with Starbucks has deepened our community reach.

What started as a simple Gratitude Tree at a local Starbucks coffeeshop has blossomed into a partnership spreading kindness, compassion, and hope in many ways.