Our Impact

Mindful Littles positively impacts not only communities in need, but also the hearts, resiliency and compassion of the families, schools and communities who engage in our programs. Feeling good by doing good, creating micro-habits that instill life-long compassion and kindness, inspiring others, both littles and bigs, and shifting cultures towards kindness and connection is how we measure success and seek to build a more peaceful world. 

Of course, we also love the numbers. Our work has provided warm meals to the hungry, backpacks to school children, hygiene kits for the homeless, clothes, toys, and much more to local communities in need. We’ve established pen-pal exchanges in Haiti and helped orphans at a Ghandi Ashram in India. We’ve established close partnerships with special needs programs locally and nationally. We are committed to deepening our relationships with many diverse populations.

We teach mindfulness and compassion to the entire family.

We can’t have mindful littles without mindful bigs so our work emphasizes compassion education not only for youth but for the entire family unit so that we can sustain long-term change beyond our workshops and events. 

We provide practical tools and tips during every service learning project and every workshop that can be taken home.  Further, we are building a digital library of Kindness Projects and Mindfulness Activities that parents can integrate into their everyday lives. 

“That was a really great event. I held more doors open for people in the last few days than I think I have in my life.🙂 Your words were heard.”
Jennifer Kamal
Local Orinda Parent

We inspire youth to continue compassionate action and to feel good, while doing good.

We create the WOW factor in our work to inspire compassion through engaging experiences. The result – Mindful Littles participants have time and time again been inspired to continue engaging in compassionate action after they have attended our workshops and programs.  Check out some of these inspiring spotlight stories. 

"The event had quite an impact on my 7 year old son, Caden, who, after assembling hygiene kits at your Mindful Littles event, decided to raise money for the kids in Haiti on his own. I think what you are doing through the Mindful Littles program is wonderful, and it’s obviously having an impact on children near and far… I look forward to attending another one soon!"
Kim Morrow
Local Parent

Caden and his sister Olivia set up a bake sale immediately after attending our Mindful Littles service learning project for Haiti. They wanted to raise money to help the people in Haiti. Read more

We bring compassionate service learning programs to institutions and organizations

Public schools, faith-based institutions, public libraries and youth groups that want to offer service learning programs don’t often have the capacity to do so on their own. We organize every detail of a service learning program or a compassion education program aligning with the key objectives of the institution.  

In Fall of 2017 we launched our first Cares program at the Orinda Union School District to offer a new model for service learning and compassion education at public schools.  

"Mindful Littles was an integral part of our collaborative initiative, OrindaCares. OrindaCares is a partnership with Mindful Littles, the Orinda Union School District, Miramonte High School, and the City of Orinda. Mindful Littles provided not just the concept and strategy development for this partnership, but the project leadership and organization to make our initiative highly successful. The goal of our partnership is to provide an opportunity for all Orinda students to contribute as engaged, compassionate citizens to local, national, and global communities."
Carolyn Seaton
Superintendent, Orinda Union School District

We elevate and support other nonprofit organizations and community causes in need.

Since October 2, 2016 we have partnered with over 50 community organizations to elevate different causes and provide high-quality products and goods to help the individuals that nonprofit serves.  

Nonprofit organizations such as food banks or shelters, often have restrictions or operational challenges when it comes to engaging elementary-aged children in service programs.  Our service learning projects are managed off-site so not only raise awareness amongst younger families but also create meaningful products that beneficiaries can utilize.

"A clinician just popped into my office and shared how one of our kids loved the positive words on the hygiene kit. The youth said it felt like Christmas – all because of a hygiene kit. Amazing."
Beth Goldberg
Director of Development, Youth Homes
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