Workplace Programs

Our workplace service projects are powerful amplifiers of our mission to support youth mental health. Strengthen employee camaraderie and belonging while uplifting youth in need by bringing us into your workplace today.

Assemble Youth Resiliency Kits at Your Workplace

Bring employees together at your workplace site to assemble Youth Resiliency Kits as a team. Participants will learn practical well-being habits for their own well-being while assembling kits for youth in crisis. Choose a project from our kit catalog to support children’s hospitals, youth hospice care, mental health agencies, or student wellness centers.

Engage in Fun Family Service Projects On-Site

Experience the Mindful Littles magic through our feel-good, do-good projects for employees and their families.  Our projects include storytelling, interactive compassion games, and movement designed for both kids and adults. Choose a project from our kit catalog to support children’s hospitals, food banks, shelters, or student wellness centers. This program is perfect for Take Your Kids to Work Day, Summer BBQs, or Holiday Celebrations.

Support Schools through Employee Volunteerism & Sponsorship

Our school service programs are at the heart of Mindful Littles.  Support our work through direct sponsorships and/or join us at school projects to help us with our events.  These projects are meaningful opportunities for your employees to get involved in their local communities and help us reach more youth.  

Cisco Gives Back: 100 Birthday Parties in a Bag

This organization has helped me make an impact in a really unique way while building my own mindfulness skills. Mental health is extremely important and Mindful Littles is working to remove the stigma and providing people with real, tangible support…from creating peace kits to role-modeling mindfulness practices, we felt connected more than ever!

— Michael Stapelberg, District Manager, Starbucks