Mindful Service Experiences

At Mindful Littles we elevate the experience of working to do good together by fostering a deeper understanding of critical social issues and a continued curiosity about those we’re helping. Bridging creativity, connection, and hands-on work, Mindful Service Experiences deliver meaningful, lasting impact for participants and beneficiaries alike.

Amplifying the Impact through a Human-Centered Experience

While community service undoubtedly benefits the greater good, it doesn’t always foster deep human connection to those served. Here’s how we turn compassion into action with our powerful 3-step mindful service model:

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Humanize through Story

We use visual storytelling to bring to life the human needs and perspectives of our beneficiaries.


Relate through Connection

We use mindfulness and experiential listening to help participants connect to each other and those we serve.


Act in Service

We coordinate a meaningful service project covering all details, so participants can serve with convenience.

The event had quite an impact on my 7 year old son, who, after assembling hygiene kits at your Mindful Littles event, decided to raise money for the kids in Haiti on his own. I think what you are doing through the Mindful Littles program is wonderful, and it’s obviously having an impact on children near and far.”


— Kim Morrow, Mother of two

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Thank you for helping us break down the walls that divide and bring people together in meaningful, fun, and life-changing experiences.

— Greg Simons, Las Trampas Daytime Director