The Powerful Impact of Wellness Peer Education

Our Wellness Peer Education program for middle and high schoolers is all about learning by teaching younger kids how to make compassion a habit. 

The more we did it, the more I felt comfortable, and it progressively influenced the kids around us as well. "

Teen Wellness Peer Program Participant

After learning a series of mindful breath practices with Mindful Littles, 11 students in our Wellness Peer Education program from Pine Hollow Middle School crossed the street to Highlands Elementary School to teach them to TK-5th graders.

The middle schoolers brought Mindful Care Kits for each classroom, assembled by our workplace friends during a Mindful Community Service event at their company.

These amazing teens guided 16 classrooms in compassion practices reaching more than 450 elementary students. The bravely shared personal stories about challenging experiences and taught kids how to practice mindful breaths to help when they have difficult feelings.

With each classroom experience, the teens strengthened their own mindful practice and began leading with more confidence and ease. Leading mindfulness practices for younger students also helps them retain what they’ve learned themselves. This is called the tutor effect — by training others, the students improved their own understanding of the practices.

By the last class visit, every teen had shared their story and lead at least one practice — and they all wanted to do it again! 

Bring our Wellness Peer Education program to YOUR school!

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