The Mindful Littles Way

Mindful Littles is the only organization combining mindfulness, play and movement with hands-on community service to deliver a powerful dose of feel-good, do-good connectedness. Our proprietary method integrates evidence-based, science-backed practices in a fun, engaging, and relatable way. 

Our core pillars define and inform everything we do. 

Make Compassion Easy

Modern day life has become extremely busy. Between family care, academic learning, and countless other priorities, compassion practices have taken a back seat. This is why we focus on convenience and accessibility. From providing simple practices to integrate into daily life to bringing community service programs right to your doorstep, we help you overcome the barriers to making compassion a possibility.

Be Simple

Be Concrete

By helping children connect to concepts through tangible tools and practices, we enable compassion to become grounded in their daily experiences. It’s why we provide physical tools for children to engage with, and provide hands-on service projects to work on.

Science is our Friend

Everything we do is science-based and data-driven. For every practice and activity we provide, we take the extra step to educate and share the science behind it. Not only is science fun, but it’s crucial that our work is grounded in proven research.

Engaging and Fun for ALL ages

Kids learn best when they are playing. In fact, the science shows that we all do. From translating complex social issues into kid-speak to bringing unexpected joyful elements into all our programs. we make sure our programs are engaging and fun for all ages—accessible for the youngest, and illuminating for the oldest.

Grownups are Crucial

We know that in order to reach our children, we must reach the grownups that care for them. From family resource guides to the way we coach, we empower our grownups to have the same knowledge and skills we want to impart on our children.