About Us

Mindful Littles began as a grassroots initiative in the Bay Area in October 2016 and is now a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit leading a compassion movement. 

“My children are my greatest teachers and my greatest source of inspiration. They are the reason I first journeyed into mindfulness and the reason I am inspired to integrate mindfulness and compassion into our daily lives. I want my children to view mindfulness and kindness as a natural and organic part of their everyday lives. I want them to thrive in a community where kids are more conscious and aware of themselves and others; where they are kind, and where they can safely, freely and confidently express their authentic selves. I hope we can create a world where all beings are inspired to Live in their Hearts, to be in tune with their own inner light so they share this light with others.” 

– Founder, Tanuka Gordon

A Holistic Model for Compassionate Well-Being

The Mindful Littles program is a holistic model providing children, educators and parents with the tools and practices to foster and sustain positive change, starting from the inside out with one’s self, classroom, school, home and community.

Holistic circle

What Makes Mindful Littles Unique

Using a powerful combination of Conscious Compassionate Facilitators + Experiential Learning Methods + Digital Technology, we provide programs that are: Accessible, Engaging & Meaningful for youth and the adults around them.