About Us

The first Mindful Littles service learning project took place on October 2, 2016, as a grassroots initiative in our founder’s backyard. Fifteen neighborhood families in Orinda, California, gathered to mindfully engage in service—making heartfelt hygiene kits for foster care youth in need. The first project had a deep impact on the group, and it was clear that a spark had been ignited.

Since then, Mindful Littles has become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering compassion experiences for children, families, and schools. As our work and partnerships continue to expand, we remain steadfast in our intention of practicing mindful service, and are deeply committed to empowering a new generation of courageous compassionate leaders.

We believe…

There is a mindful little in each of us. 
  • We are born compassionate with a purpose.  
  • We are playful by nature, wired to connect with ourselves and others. 
Feeling good, doing good is deeply healing. 
  • Peace begins with yourself. Self-compassion is critical. 
  • The more we feel good, the more we do good. The more we do good, the more we feel good.  
Each of us is a student and a teacher. 
  • Learn by doing.  Share with one another. Repeat. 
  • Children are our greatest teachers if we consciously tune into their presence.

A Note from Our Founder

Tanuka Gordon, Founder

“My children are my greatest teachers and my greatest source of inspiration. They are the reason I first journeyed into mindfulness and the reason I am inspired to integrate mindfulness and compassion into our daily lives. I want my children to view mindfulness and kindness as a natural and organic part of their everyday lives. I want them to thrive in a community where kids are more conscious and aware of themselves and others, where they are kind, and where they can safely, freely and confidently express their authentic selves. I hope we can create a world where all beings are inspired to live in their hearts, to be in tune with their own inner light so they share this light with others.”

What Makes Mindful Littles Unique

Using a powerful combination of conscious compassionate facilitators, experiential learning methods, and digital technology, we provide programs that are accessible, engaging and meaningful for youth and the adults around them.