About Us

Mindful Littles is a nonprofit organization unlike any other.

Our dedicated staff and our visionary founder. The individuals we help, and who in turn enrich us so much. The local and national nonprofits we serve and the communities we touch. The companies and organizations that partner with us to spread compassion, kindness and peace. And of course the children we teach—and from whom we learn so much.

Our Vision

A World Unified Through Compassion

Our Mission

To restore human connection by cultivating habits of compassion, starting with the youngest generations.

We’re passionate

about harnessing the power of compassion to create a better world. We’re innovative in our approach, combining the best thinking from education, mindfulness research, and tech-startup cultures. We’re relentless in our commitment to delivering concrete, measurable results, and knowing that our work is truly making a kinder, more peaceful world.

We believe…

Each of us is a student and a teacher.

Every moment is a learning opportunity, and each one of us a guide.  


There is a mindful little in each of us.

We are curious, creative, playful and wired to connect with ourselves and others.

We are many unique hearts, united as one.

When we bring distinct strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives together, our collective force for good is so powerful.

Paying attention to intention is essential.

Every act, no matter how small, has the power to make positive change when pursued with purpose.