About Us

At Mindful Littles we believe there is a mindful little in each of us — that each of us is born compassionate. We believe there is a powerful opportunity to nurture this compassionate state from the youngest generations.

We catalyze compassion through mindful service learning experiences, teaching children how to be more kind, resilient and connected to themselves and the world around them. We create habits of mindful compassion in our community for littles and the bigs in their lives. By doing so, we build inner resilience, spark courageous, compassionate action and positively shift community cultures.

Mindful Littles began as a grassroots initiative in Orinda, California in the fall of 2016 and has become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to offering mindful service learning experiences and compassion programs for elementary school children, parents and educators. Programs are in several Northern California schools, faith-based organizations, libraries, youth groups, coffee shops and local communities.

A Holistic Model for Cultural Change

The Mindful Littles program is a holistic model providing children, educators and parents with the tools and practices to foster and sustain cultural change, starting from the inside out with one’s self, classroom, school, home and community.

Holistic circle

What Makes Mindful Littles Unique

We offer dynamic, integrative social-emotional service learning programs that align with a community’s most pertinent needs

We help build connections both within and among communities

We focus on sparking compassionate action alongside yoga and mindfulness practices


We encourage micro-habits that shift everyday behavior and change culture

We believe supporting our educators, parents and caregivers with mindfulness skills is just as important as guiding our littles

We elevate other nonprofits and community partners to raise awareness of critical issues in our local and global communities