Volunteer With Us

Our service learning workshops rely heavily on the generosity of adult and teen volunteers. Duties include event setup and cleanup, running mindfulness and craft stations, helping assemble service projects, and more. Volunteers work with children and community members, earn volunteer hours and learn mindfulness and compassion skills. We value the unique backgrounds, skills, creativity and enthusiasm our volunteers and team members bring to the Mindful Littles experience!

Youth Volunteer Program

Our unique Youth Volunteer Program is perfect for middle schoolers, teenagers, and college students who want to dive deeply into mindfulness and service learning, develop critical leadership skills, and align passion with purpose—all while having fun working with elementary school children. As a 501(c)3 organization, we can provide credit for all volunteer hours served. We also provide the opportunity to qualify for the President’s Excellence Award.

Staff & Facilitate at Events

As an official volunteer member of the Mindful Littles team, you’ll help prep mindful practices and activities at our community events. You’ll learn how to engage children and their families in compassion-building practices and mindful service – and have fun too!

Create Your Own Project

Do you have a personal passion you want to share? We’re all about creative and innovative thinking! Tell us your idea and we’ll help you make it a reality. These are especially fitting for mitzvah or other rite-of-passage projects.

Summer Internships

This program is for college students. As a summer intern with Mindful Littles, you’ll help with all aspects of mindfulness and service education, as well as learn the ins and outs of running a successful nonprofit.

“Because of my work with Mindful Littles, I am reconsidering what I want to major in and pursue for a career in the future. Coming into this internship, I thought that I wanted to major in sociology with minors in global health and human rights. Now, after spending my summer designing and prototyping, I think I want to create my own engineering major that combines product design and sociology. I have also realized how passionate I am about expanding access to quality education, so in the future, I want to use product design to work on projects to further that mission. Had I not worked with such a small, start-up non-profit this summer, I don’t think that these new passions would be realized…. At a bigger company, I may not have developed the connections that I did at Mindful Littles.”

—Harper Orr, Stanford University student