Well-Being Mentorship Empowers Youth Leaders

From the beginning of Mindful Littles in 2016, teens and young adults have been an integral part of our mindful service learning programs and community events. 

I was given the opportunity to help our littles learn from and interact with our mission, lessons, and events, while I was, myself, going through a highly transformative period of my life."

Iris Zimmer, former high school intern

Our Youth Leaders programs include students from middle schools and high schools, as well at college interns. By directly activating the youth voice, we are continually inspired to create new ways for children and their families to make compassion a habit. 

We train our teen volunteers in Mindful Littles feel-good, do-good practices that they then teach to the younger children who attend our events. Our college interns work with us for a semester, learning the ins and outs of nonprofit work, supporting our schools program, and integrating compassion practices for themselves and to teach others.

Practicing the same mental fitness habits they teach younger students, our youth leaders realize the importance of their own mental well-being now and into adulthood.

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